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2017 Volleyball Post-Season Assignments

2017 Volleyball Post-Season Assignments

Monday, October 9, 2017
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Good Afternoon IGHSAU Volleyball Officials - 

First off I am excited to be working with all of our officials on behalf of the Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union.  Over the next couple of years my vision is to develop and implement an elite level evaluation and education program that will be beneficial for all of our officials to develop individual officiating skills and knowledge.  Programs that relate closely to those of the NCAA and Power 5 conferences.  By doing so, we can provide a service to the teams that work hard to compete on the court when the bright lights shine!

2017 Post Season Assignments

We are just one week away from beginning the 2017 Post Season Tournament!  The teams have received their "route" to the State Tournament and now it's time for the officials to be assigned for each of those 355 matches!  The first round assignments for 10/17 and 10/18 have been assigned.  Please login to you Arbiter Account and accept your assignments by this Thursday, October 12!

It is only fair for officials to understand the process that I will be undertaking and how the selection process will work for post-season assignments.  Please take a minute to read the following information on how the selection process works for the first couple of rounds.  These steps are taken into consideration in the order listed.

1. Proximity to Host Site

Schools have submitted their availability for hosting specific rounds of post-season.  We have decided to put a 75 mile radium limit for the first round officiating assignments.  This should allow officials time to safely arrive at their match.

2. Officials Recommendations from the past 3 Seasons

I have been supplied the list of officials recommendations by the coaches for the past three seasons.  These recommendations have played a large role in the first round assigning process.  Part of the future recommendation process will involve working with coaches on the accuracy of these recommendations, and timely submission of an official recommendation following individual matches versus supplying a list at the end of the season.

3. Blocks listed in ArbiterSports

If you had a date blocked or an issue because you had another match assigned on that night, you were not assigned for the 17th or 18th.  Please take time to update your schedule blocks for the remaining tournament days.  (Below is the schedule)

4. Partners Working Together

I have done my best to try and keep regular officiating partners together for these first assignments.  There are some officials that have days blocked while their partner may not so you may be working with another official on those days.  As we move deeper into the tournament series, you may not always work with your regular partner.  More information will be provided on later round selection when completed.  (Goal is same time next week).

5. Assignors Recommendations

I have reached out to many of the assignors across the state asking for input on officials in their area.  This information was taken into consideration.  Many of them provided me with "up and coming" officials that I have assigned and will be asking an evaluator/observer to provide feedback on these specific officials.

Not everyone received a first round assignment.  As you can imagine, this is a very large project and time commitment.  Assignments may happen to be declined in which a replacement will be selected.  A follow up e-mail will be sent if that is the case.

Timeline for Future Round Assigning

Monday, October 16: 10/23, 10/24 Assignments Posted
Wednesday, October 18: 10/26 Assignments Posted
Monday, October 23: 10/30, 10/31 Assignments Posted
Friday, October 27: State Tournament Assignments Posted

Evaluations and Observations

Evaluation and observation is an important step to providing feedback to any official.  In fact, all 35 State Tournament Matches this year will be observed by a current or former, qualified official and the entire work crew (R1, R2, LJ1 and LJ2) will debrief following the match with the observer and myself.

Throughout the 2017 Post-Season we will be asking local, qualified officials to attend matches in their area and provide an evaluation/observation report.  The observer will have the option to debrief with the officials following the match.  If the observer chooses to do so, please allow 5-10 minutes following your match to hear feedback regarding the match. 

Please note: The officials assigned to the match will not be notified prior to an observer attending your match.

Once again I am looking forward to working with all of you in the coming years!  The process of education and evaluation will take time to fine tune and I believe there will be positive change that all officials will find rewarding.

I will be posting more information on Post-Season points of emphasis in the coming days.

Thank you, and please login to accept any post-season assignments you may have received.

Tim Keating
Volleyball Officials Coordinator
Iowa Girls' High School Athletic Union

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