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Post-Season VB Officiating Reminders

Post-Season VB Officiating Reminders

Tuesday, October 17, 2017
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Officials - 

This evening starts the 2017 Post-Season Tournament for all of the teams that have worked hard day in and day out.  Each night, half of the teams playing will be eliminated from the tournament and you have the opportunity to provide every team with the highest amount of professionalism and dedication that you can offer while you officiate a match.

Below are some reminders of rules and procedures as you approach your post-season assignments.

Pre-Match Time Schedule & Information

The following warm-up schedule shall be used during IGHSAU Regional tournament play. For a 7:00 p.m. match, start the 17-minute warm-up at 6:38 p.m. (5-6-6):

:60 Prior to Start time of Match  -  Teams may warm-up on the court without volleyballs

:22 Prior to Start time of Match  -  5 Minutes Ball Handling (Shared Court)

:17 Prior to Start time of Match  -  6 Minutes for Visiting Team's Court

:11 Prior to Start time of Match  -  6 Minutes for Home Team's Court

:05 Prior to Start time of Match  -  Player Introductions

:02 Prior to Start time of Match  -  National Anthem

If another area away from the playing court is available, "ball handling" by both teams is permitted prior to the actual on court warm-up time. 

Control of the time element will rest with the Scorer (or Timer if one is designated) using a horn to indicate time factors.

Prior to warm-ups, explain the ground rules of the playin gcourt to coaches and officials and assign court responsibilities.

Home and visitors shall be determined by a coin flip conducted by the officials prior to the pre-match warm-up.  The visiting team then calls a coin flip to determine serve/receive.  The home team shall call the coin flip if a deciding fifth set is necessary.

If by chance the host team is deemed the "visiting team" please keep the host team as the home team on the visual scoreboard for fan purposes.

Begin play promptly as scheduled



You have been chosen to officiate a post-season competition based on recommendation from coaches and assignors.  This is an opportunity for you to provide an elite service to the players and coaches that have trained very hard to be where they are at.  Please remember that you are there to officiate a fair and balanced match.

Any interactions you may have with coaches, players and/or fans prior to or following a match can be viewed by the opposite side as biased.  Please remember to limit the interactions you have with these individuals.

Once you arrive at the facility, you have responsibilities that need to be taken care of such as analyzing the competition area and seeking any possible areas that need to be addressed in the captains meeting, communicating with the work crew (scorekeeper, libero tracker, scoreboard operator and line judges) to ensure a smooth match, and run the captains meeting and warm-ups.

We have had cases of unprofessionalism of our officials reported over the past few weeks and any signs of unprofessionalism will not be tolerated and will be taken into consideration as we move forward in the post-season assignments.


Rules Reminders

Requesting a Third Time-Out

"Team A requests a time-out.  The time-out is granted (whistle blown and signaled).  The crew realizes this is the third time-out within the set for Team A."

At first thought, this can be prevented by the R2 keeping in mind the amount of time-outs used by each team, and if the coach requests a time-out you can remind them they do not have a time-out remaining quickly and the match can play on.

If the time-out is granted with a whistle and signal and then the infraction is caught, the procedure is to bring the teams back onto the court, and if this is the first delay, signal to the R1 an administrative yellow card, report the yellow card to the scorekeeper and play on.

If this is the second administrative yellow card within a set, an administrative red card shall be given and a side-out and point awarded to the the opponent.


Libero and the Back-Row Attack

A libero shall not

  1. Complete an attack from ANYWHERE on the court if, at the moment of contact, the BALL is entirely above the height of the net;
  2. Set the ball using overhead finger action while ON OR IN FRONT of the attack line extended, with the result of the NEXT CONTACT being a completed attack ABOVE the height of the net

    i.e. If the libero sets the ball while on or in front of the attack line, a player can still play the next contact over the net so long as the ball is not above the height of the net.

    Note: The libero may set the ball with overhead finger action from completely behind the attack line leading to an attack completed above the height of the net.

  3. Block or attempt to block


Officials Mechanics Reminders

Tempo of Mechanics

Officials should have a cadence with their signals.  Official should not feel that they need to rush to signal a call.  The times when officials signal the wrong point or the wrong violation are typically too fast with their mechanics.

Mechanics of both officials for a net violation

If the R2 makes the net violation call:

  1. Whistle is blown;
  2. Hand of outstretched arm on the side of the net on which the fault occured with palm parallel to the net, you are not to touch the net.
  3. Signal the player at fault number to the R1
  4. Mirror the point given by the R1
  5. Communicate the player at fault (if necessary) to the coach

If the R1 makes the net violation call:

  1. Whistle is blown;
  2. Hand of outstretched arm on the side of the net on which the fault occured with the palm parallel to the net
  3. Signal the player at fault number
  4. Signal the point given to the appropiate team


Thank you for taking this information into consideration as you begin post-season play.  Myself and a select group of observers will be out and about at random matches throughout the post-season to evaluate.  Please be open and available for a post-match debriefing if the observer chooses to do so.  It should take no longer than 5-10 minutes.

Best of luck as you get started!

Tim Keating
Volleyball Officials Coordinator

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