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Officials' Registration Information

Officials' Registration Information

Saturday, August 20, 2016
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Welcome to the Iowa Girls' High School Athletic Union Officials' Central Hub!  The IGHSAU has a 3-tiered registration system consisting of non-varsity, varsity, and tournament eligible officials.  Requirements for each of these levels are summarized in the "Registration Information" section located in the upper right of our homepage.

The IGHSAU has a reciprocity agreement with our surrounding states.  Out-of-state officials may register in Iowa by paying the $20 reciprocity fee and meeting their home state registration requirements.  For example, if a South Dakota volleyball official wishes to also work volleyball in Iowa, he/she must meet South Dakota's testing/rules meeting/clinic requirement and simply register in Iowa and pay the Iowa reciprocity fee.  The umpire does not also have to take the Iowa exam, rules meeting, and/or clinic.  This is different from the Iowa High School Athletic Association policy that requires out-of-state officials to meet their home state testing/rules meeting/clinic requirements and then also take the Iowa test/rules meeting/clinic.

Please contact our office if you have any questions or concerns regarding this process, and please encourage any high school students, parents, or community members to give officiating a try.  We need officials now more than ever!

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