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Post-Season Officiating Information
  • 10/17/2017

    Officials - 

    This evening starts the 2017 Post-Season Tournament for all of the teams that have worked hard day in and day out.  Each night, half of the teams playing will be eliminated from the tournament and you have the opportunity to provide every team with the highest amount of professionalism and dedication that you can offer while you officiate aMore...

  • 1/22/2017

    Officials are selected for postseason assignments based on the following criteria:

    - Registered and paid for current sport season

    - Viewed required online eligibility videos

    - Met once-every-three-year in-person clinic requirement

    - Received post-season recommendations from member schools

    - Completed required Arbiter custom fields

    - IGHSAU observation reports

    - Assignor/commissioner recommendations

    - Balance of gender, ethnicity, age, years of

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